Running a successful clinic has become easier than ever with Cipher Skin, a patient-centric MSK monitoring solution designed to help providers deliver better musculoskeletal care while reducing administrative burden and generating higher revenue.

The Four Pillars: How Cipher Skin is Transforming Clinics

  • Technology Enabled Care

    Cipher Skin enables fast, accurate digital ROM assessments and diagnostics, and home exercise recording, allowing providers to track exact outcomes and monitor patient progress over time.

  • Reduce Administrative Work

    Cipher Skin’s automatic reporting and session recording capabilities reduce note-taking time. Customized graphs and charts mean less admin work and more patient time.

  • Highly Engaged Patients

    Cipher Skin reduces patient dropout rates by extending therapeutic monitoring into the patient’s home and enabling true visibility on their progress. Patients who are engaged with remote therapy adhere better to their recovery programs.

  • Maximized Profitability

    Providers using Cipher Skin are seeing a noticeable increase in the revenue generated from existing CPT codes as well as new RTM codes.


How To Generate 20% More Revenue with Cipher Skin


A. Get More Claims Approved on Existing CPT Codes

Cipher Skin’s testing, automatic reporting, and time-saving functions are designed to increase revenue. Providers who use Cipher Skin are billing for difficult codes, getting higher claim-approval rates, and most importantly, are ethically billing higher numbers of codes in less time.

  • Musculoskeletal Testing “97750”

    Cipher Skin’s sensor enabled Biosleeves function as the musculoskeletal testing equipment, while the automated reporting and graphs provide the detailed reports required for billing under this code. The outcome is less contested claims and faster approvals.

  • Biofeedback “90901”

    Cipher Skin explicitly deliver biofeedback. The real-time 3D visualization of the patient’s movement, combined with the automatic session recording and reporting, provide all the support needed to file a biofeedback claim.

  • Neuromuscular Re-Education “97112”

    Since biofeedback is not covered by all insurers, PT providers have successfully used Cipher Skin to conduct the same therapeutic modality and bill it under the neuromuscular re-education code.

  • Initial Evaluation “97161” and Therapeutic Exercise “97110”

    The digital ROM evaluations and pre-built library of exercises of Cipher Skin are designed to compress time and support efficient billing for these two codes, the ‘bread and butter’ of in clinic billing. Again, the outcome is more efficient billing and accurate metrics in less time.

B. Materialize a New Stream of Revenue with RTM Codes

Cipher Skin extends the recovery journey outside of the clinic and offers remote monitoring solutions that are compatible with the Remote Therapeutic Monitoring CPT codes released in 2022, allowing providers to generate up to $1,740 in annual per-patient revenue.

  • The five new RTM codes (98975, 98976, 98977, 98980, 98981) expand the use cases for Medicare coverage to allow providers who cannot bill Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) codes, to bill – once per month - for remote services outside of traditional telehealth.

  • Cipher Skin’s sensor enabled Biosleeves function as a remote monitoring tool that patients use to perform and record their progress through home exercise programs between sessions.

  • Cipher Skin’s software translates the data from the Biosleeves and delivers detailed reports and programmed alerts that help providers monitor their patients remotely.


Work Smarter Not Harder

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