Cipher Skin's BioSleeve - An Essential, Valuable Tool Through Rehab to Performance

A recent study found that 77% of all injuries within the SOF community are preventable musculoskeletal injuries. This is a significant hindrance to the capabilities of our warfighters.

With unlimited access to authentic data, Cipher Skin makes it possible to prevent injury and monitor real-time performance using a wireless, durable compression garment.

With Cipher Skin BioSleeve, the users can visualize the movement of their limbs in space and instantaneously assess range of motion.

The BioSleeve integrates Cipher Skin’s unique technology: a cloud-connected sensor mesh, embedded in garments, that measures critical vital signs and tracks movement in three dimensions.

The BioSleeve is designed to help athletes, trainers, and physical therapists throughout the spectrum from rehab to performance.

The users can monitor the quality and fluidity of their movement in real-time, and make sure to stay in a safe range of motion.

The patented conductive grid also allows for the integration of numerous biometric subsensors such as heart rate and O₂ saturation.

By automating data collection and processing, the BioSleeve makes it easier to perform range of motion tests.

Based on objective and accurate data, the testing process is faster, more reliable, and effective.

Cipher Skin captures a complete picture of the body’s behavior in time and space with extreme precision.


No cameras, no bulky equipment: it's simply clothing.