Denver Startup Cipher Skin Unlocks the Ability to Monitor Blood Oxygen While Moving

[Denver, CO] Cipher Skin Inc., a Colorado-based data technology startup, announces the development of dynamic O₂ saturation, their ability to measure the oxygen saturation of active people, as well as motion, through garments, remotely and at all times.

It is a major and timely technological step; it could well be essential in the fight against coronavirus as early detection for declining oxygen levels in the blood for anyone.

Dr. Shaka Bahadu, Chief Medical Officer of Cipher Skin, said: “Our unique technology is composed of a cloud-connected sensor mesh, embedded in garments, that can integrate a wide range of sensors. Because they are built directly into the BioSleeve, the dynamic Sp O₂ sensors can be worn continuously.”

Blood oxygen saturation is a vital sign for a reason; low oxygen levels in the blood leads to organ failure and, potentially, death. Today, it is mainly measured indirectly via oximeter in peripheral tissue, often from the ear or finger. Currently, oximeters available to the general public through wrist-top devices only work reliably when a person is not moving. Blood oxygen can also be measured directly in a clinical or laboratory setting through arterial blood samples. However, direct measurement is invasive, painful, and time-consuming which makes it unsuited for everyday monitoring.

Dr. Bahadu explained, “Today’s technology is limited to patients that are either in a static position or are operating with very expensive tools in a lab environment. This means it cannot monitor most people’s oxygen continuously, especially during exercise and daily activities. Cipher Skin’s dynamic O₂ capability changes that forever.”

The ability to measure O₂ saturation in motion appears to be crucial. Monitoring for prolonged periods of time without interruption will unlock insights that otherwise was a mystery up until now. This will be particularly useful for individuals who may be suffering from disorders difficult to diagnose such as reactive airway disease or activity-induced asthma. This will also considerably facilitate pediatric care for kids who cannot stay in a static position for the tests.

Dr. Bahadu asserted: “The ability to monitor blood oxygen content in the individual’s everyday life, rather than sporadically, is essential to detect the early symptoms of any pulmonary disease when they are still imperceptible by the patient. You won’t have to wait for shortness of breath to start treating the disease, which is crucial for the effectiveness of treatment.”

And the promises of Cipher Skin’s technology do not stop there: by adding other sub-sensors into the mesh, the O₂ saturation data can be collected in conjunction with other key metrics, such as motion, heart rate, temperature, and tissue expansion. All of these metrics are collected on the same system clock, which makes it possible to analyze them simultaneously, uncover how they interact with one another, and generate unique, valuable data sets for current medical treatments.

Dr. Bahadu specified: “We believe that this historic technological step will be indispensable to help fight coronavirus. With the BioSleeve, we will be able to monitor, at all times, healthy people at high risk, medical staff, and healthcare providers. This has a single objective: detect an early decline in blood oxygen levels and help prevent the spread of the virus.”

Cipher Skin is already in discussion with some healthcare organizations and the federal government to actively take part in the fight against coronavirus.


About Cipher Skin

Cipher Skin Inc,, is a Colorado-based company that revolutionizes the way data – on the human body or any physical object – is collected, reported, analyzed, and monitored. Our goal is to provide users with gapless, authentic data that matters most. Based on the team’s cutting-edge expertise in high-quality sensors and analytical tools, Cipher Skin has developed a groundbreaking technology – a cloud-connected sensor mesh, embedded in garments, that measures critical vital signs and tracks movement in three dimensions, creating the Digital Mirror™ of the wearer. Unlimited access to authentic data opens up an exciting world of possibilities to decode human performance and predict injuries and points of failure on any human body or object. With genuine and useful data, Cipher Skin truly empowers its users to achieve ultimate performance. With a raised capital of more than $1.35 million, Cipher Skin is on the way to disrupt a $700 billion market size including healthcare remote monitoring as well as oil and gas monitoring.

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