Engineering Firm, Stonewall, Hosts Cipher Skin: Looking to Expand Into the Lafayette Area

[Lafayette], [LA] - Stonewall Engineering hosts Cipher Skin, who comes to Lafayette looking to expand into the area and showcase their newest products: an arm and a knee sleeve dedicated to athletic performance, as well as a pipeline sleeve for industrial application.

Cipher Skin Inc is a high-technology company that revolutionizes the way data – on the human body or any physical object - is collected, reported, analyzed, and monitored.

Based on the team’s cutting-edge expertise in high-quality sensors and analytical tools, Cipher Skin has developed a groundbreaking technology – a mesh that enables sensors to contour around the whole body and to pin multiple measurements over a long period of time, without any interruption. This cloud-connected device models movement in three dimensions, in real-time, creating the Digital Mirror™ of the wearer.

By measuring what matters most for their users, Cipher Skin empowers them and enables them to achieve ultimate performance – smarter.

This week, Cipher Skin will showcase an arm and a knee sleeve, whose aim is to give the users the ability to train and recover at their best, quicker and safer, by performing the movements that are most efficient and best adapted to them, and by predicting injuries before they happen.

The company will also present its sleeve dedicated to pipeline monitoring and structural failure prediction - a cost-effective solution that detects shear and strain on the pipeline and creates a continuously updated picture of what external and internal forces are doing to the monitored object.

Stonewall is excited to offer such a unique company to the city of Lafayette. As a graduate of Opportunity Machine, an initiative of Lafayette Economic Development Authority (LEDA), Stonewall is committed to bringing companies to Lafayette that can benefit the community and help further the world of technology from the area.

Stonewall’s and Cipher Skin’s goal is to provide customers with purpose in what matters most and pushes products further. Through this partnership, as well as through the Cipher Skin team who continually seeks to push the limits of its technology, Stonewall Engineering hopes to offer this area a unique scientific curiosity and a strong innovative spirit.


Media Contact:

Claire André
Marketing Manager
(720) 933-3975


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