How to Stay Active in the Military After Injury

Tactical occupations like the military make physical fitness a job requirement. Being fit and capable isn’t just a nice-to-have thing, it’s a crucial part of how you get your job done.

This can make staying active and recovering from injuries feel especially pressing for people in the military. Staying active and recovering effectively can also be uniquely challenging in the military due to unique cultural and environmental demands.

For example, you may be on deployment and living in a remote location without access to trained coaches or therapists. This can make it difficult to know that you’re moving in a way that is helping your recovery.

You’ve probably also spent a lot of time being evaluated on quantitative performance data, such as how many pushups you can do or how fast you can run a fixed distance. Over time, this way of looking at performance can create vulnerabilities, because the movement strategies we use to display our capacity at a given time aren’t necessarily the same ones that we should use while working to develop greater capacities in the future.

You may be used to shortening your range of motion while doing pull-ups by just popping your chin over the bar rather than pulling the bar solidly to your chest, or keeping your shoulder blades locked in place during pushups. While these strategies allow you to get more total repetitions done by reducing the amount of mechanical work you’re doing, they can also create movement patterns that make your joints more vulnerable to injury and make it harder to get past aches and pains.


Staying active in the military post injury - Cipher Skin


Cipher Skin aims to make it easier to stay active after an injury and create a faster, more effective recovery process from anywhere in the world. We do this with our patented sensor technology that creates a 3D mirror of your body’s motion and position through nothing more than comfortable athletic clothing. This clothing acts like a highly-skilled in-person coach.

Cipher Skin provides immediate feedback on your body’s movement so that you know that you’re doing an exercise or physical therapy drill safely and effectively. It also connects you to a coach anywhere in the world who can view your movement and vital data remotely, and see a mirror image of your body’s performance in real-time.

Through our Digital Mirror application, Cipher Skin can help you keep track of how much you’re moving each day, as well as how well you’re moving. This can help you be accountable to a plan, and provide reminders to help you stay consistent.

With Cipher Skin, you’re no longer stuck with navigating your injury recovery on your own. Cipher Skin provides the world’s first technology that can help you stay on track with a recovery plan, stay active, and know that your training and rehab efforts are optimized for rapid recovery.


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