[Denver, CO] Following a successful seed round in April 2019, Cipher Skin releases its first range of products aiming at decoding and enhancing human performance through garments, without the need for cameras or other bulky equipment.

The BioSleeve is a smart compression sleeve that enables the users to visualize, via an app, real-time complex motion of their arms or knees in three dimensions, providing key measurements such as range of motion and joint angular velocity. All data is automatically stored and managed in the Digital Mirror software application, for monitoring progress over time.

Craig Weller, Cipher Skin’s Co-Founder, and a renowned performance trainer said: “The BioSleeve is specifically designed to help athletes and physical therapists in the return-to-play process. With the BioSleeve, the users can monitor the quality and fluidity of their movement in real-time and track progress over time. There is no longer a need for cameras or bulky equipment – they can perform in any environment and under any conditions.”

Physical therapists can now save a tremendous amount of time by relying on highly precise, objective data as well as automated functional assessments and data management.

And there is more. Leveraging Cipher Skin’s groundbreaking technology , the BioSleeve will soon be able to measure not only complex motion but also critical vital signs such as heart rate and 02 saturation.

In fact, Cipher Skin technology is composed of a mesh that can be embedded into any garments and integrate a wide diversity of sensors. This flexible lattice enables the sensors to conform around the whole body for more accurate measurements.

Craig Weller asserted: “The potential of Cipher Skin technology truly lies in the unique data it generates. The users now have access to gapless, authentic data sets that can be used for injury prediction.”

Cipher Skin has partnered with renowned U.S. professional sports teams to further develop the product and adapt it to high-performance requirements.

And the BioSleeve is only a first step: “We are now working on the design of smart leggings as well as a shirt for full-body motion capture and biometric monitoring.”

The total addressable market size for Cipher Skin’s technology is projected to reach $700 billion by 2028.

Following its $1.2 million seed round a few months ago, Cipher Skin will soon complete its Series A through a $5 million raise. Riding on a wave of success, the company, whose team doubled in size over the past six months, is planning on tripling its staff by the first quarter of 2020.

Such bright prospects ahead for Cipher Skin – and it seems this is only the beginning.

About Cipher Skin

Cipher Skin Inc, www.cipherskin.com , is a Colorado-based company that revolutionizes the way data – on the human body or any physical object – is collected, reported, analyzed, and monitored. Our goal is to provide users with gapless, authentic data that matters most.

Based on the team’s cutting-edge expertise in high-quality sensors and analytical tools, Cipher Skin has developed a groundbreaking technology – a cloud-connected sensor mesh, embedded in garments, that measures critical vital signs and tracks movement in three dimensions, creating the Digital Mirror ™ of the wearer.

Unlimited access to authentic data opens up an exciting world of possibilities to decode human performance and predict injuries and points of failure on any human body or object. With genuine and useful data, Cipher Skin truly empowers its users to achieve ultimate performance.

With a raised capital of more than $1.35 million, Cipher Skin is on the way to disrupt a $700 billion market size including healthcare remote monitoring as well as oil and gas monitoring.

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