Cipher Skin BioSleeve - The Guarantee of a Safe and Efficient Online Workout

Exercise is a process of skill development. You're taking a motor pattern such as a pushup or a squat, learning to do it well, and then pushing your ability to reproduce that pattern under increasingly challenging conditions - your workouts. As you push an exercise to the edge of your ability by doing more sets, reps, or resistance while working to maintain quality movement, you're imposing a stressor on your body. That stress drives the adaptations that produce the results we want from workouts - fat loss, muscle gain, and better fitness. It's walking this line between working as hard as you can while simultaneously maintaining a quality movement pattern that defines the results you get from your training. Not enough challenge and you don't disturb your body's equilibrium well enough to produce a training effect.

You go through the motions but your body doesn't really change. Too much intensity or fatigue and you may push through the workout by letting go of movement quality. You're doing a lot of reps and making yourself tired, but you're doing it in a way that will create injuries and vulnerabilities. The art lies in balancing these two factors - intensity and quality. The more intensely you can train while maintaining movement quality, the better your results, and the more resilient you will be. This is especially challenging in the online training environment because you lose the feedback loop that maintains movement quality. If you're the coach, you don't have the ability to fully monitor your client's movement and recovery and make immediate corrections to keep them from deviating into poor technique. If you're the client, you can perceive effort and fatigue but the harder you work the more difficult it gets to simultaneously ensure that you're moving well while working at the edge of your ability.

In either case, you're missing the ability to perceive the condition of the body in real-time and to provide immediate feedback as that condition changes. Cipher Skin's BioSleeve is designed to close that loop and recreate the effectiveness of a one-on-one coaching interaction from anywhere. By implementing haptic sensory feedback alongside detailed 3D motion-sensing, we will be able to create immediate feedback on movement quality during workouts, remotely. A virtual coach can monitor a client's workout in real-time and use programmed feedback loops to alert a client as soon as a single rep deviates from the desirable pattern. If knees pop inward on a squat, ribs flare during an overhead press or someone's lower back extends too much, there can be immediate buzz (much like how a cellphone buzzes in your pocket) in the appropriate site on the body to instantly correct the issue. With this technology, a coach can train clients from anywhere in the world and help them get better results, safely.

An athlete can wear Cipher Skin and have immediate feedback that keeps them moving in a strong, safe pattern throughout their most intense workouts. Cipher Skin will lead the next revolution in physical training. People will be able to train at the intensity and quality found in the world's best facilities from anywhere in the world.


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