Boyett Petroleum and Cipher Skin: monitoring pipeline integrity through the deployment of Cipher Skin technology

A few weeks ago, Cipher Skin met with engineers at Boyett Petroleum in California to launch their partnership, working together to provide a cutting-edge monitoring solution for Boyett’s extended fuel distribution network. Boyett Petroleum’s quest was to find a monitoring solution that could help characterize the fluid running through pipes, including the flow rate of that fluid. Cipher Skin Pipe Sleeve provides that solution, instantaneously, remotely, and with the highest precision. During their most recent meeting, Cipher Skin was able to present the pipe sleeve and, along with a marketing team assembled by Boyett, establish potential use cases that will result in economic return.

Guido Gioberto, Head of Engineering at Cipher Skin, confirmed: “Boyett and Cipher Skin are partnering to find bigger opportunities with major oil and gas companies. One of the potential use cases we’ve uncovered involves measuring the in-flow and out-flow of gas pumps.” Installation of the pipe sleeve to measure gas flow is fast and easy to install. It involves removing the cover from the gas pump and applying a retrofit kit. Ease of installation is one of the reasons why Guido believes this solution to be easily scalable.

Guido stated, “The first few times, Cipher Skin will do the installation and then station operators will do it independently.” All that is needed to remotely access data about the integrity of the pipe is a connection to Wifi. Once applied, the pipe sleeve will detect failures, such as delayed or slower flow in gas at the pump, causing consumers not to fill up their entire gas tank or choosing to use other stations altogether, resulting in a loss of revenue for that station. With the pipe sleeve, station owners and operators will be able to avoid this entirely by collecting and monitoring automatically transmitted wireless data that gives a real-time 3D representation of the pipe.

Cipher Skin Pipe Sleeve can be deployed and operated at a very low expense compared to current solutions. Guido added: “There is great potential in enabling monitoring of the pump directly. Operators can expect to see a decrease in maintenance costs.” Remote, continuous, and real-time measurement of the vast number of forces that act on the pipe will allow for early detection of minor flaws which otherwise may have gone unnoticed. The early detection and correction of these flaws will prevent bigger problems, with a larger economic impact, in the future.


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